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Opening Ceremony / Keynote & Plenary Session
Forum Overview
Date/Time 9.5 (Mon) 13:30 - 18:00 Location Grand Ballroom (5F)
Overview New Bio, Beyond Boundaries
Our long battle with COVID-19 has driven drastic changes in our core values and ways of life. A “Non-Contact” culture has initiated the advance of digitalization in every industry, facilitating innovation and transitions in the global paradigm and the biopharmaceutical industry is no exception. The paradigm has shifted from treatment-centered to disease prevention and management-centered through data analysis. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based development of new pharmaceuticals has enhanced the accessibility of treatment for patients and opened more opportunities for the prompt supply of required medicines. Furthermore, we are even arranging proactive countermeasures based on our forecasts of other contagious illnesses and diseases. The Global Bio Conference 2022 aims to understand the present state of the biopharmaceutical industry, which has entered into a new paradigm, and jointly design a bright and sustainable future with regulatory authorities, industrial partners and patients.
Time Program Speakers Materials
14:30-15:00 30’ Chang Won (Andrew) Chey
(SK Discovery)
15:00-15:30 30’ Ronald T. Piervincenzi
15:30-16:00 30’ Virginia Acha
16:00-16:30 30’ John L. Perez
16:30-16:45 15’ Break
16:45-17:15 30’ Soumya Swaminathan
17:15-17:45 30’ Myron Levine
(University of Maryland School of Medicine)