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Host : Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

With the vision of "Safe Food and Drug, Healthy People, Well-being Society", the MFDS has exerted all-out efforts to safeguard the people and promote the public health by ensuring the safety of all foods, drugs, cosmetics, herbal medicines, and medical devices that we have in our daily lives.

In particular, we have made our utmost efforts to support the biopharmaceutical technologies, a new growth engine for the future in order to immediately provide safe and efficient medicines. We also have closely cooperated with diverse international organizations such as WHO and many regulatory authorities across the globe.

The GBC is the representative event of the MFDS in order to develop Korea into a global hub of the biopharmaceutical industry. It has also served as an opportunity to promote a better regulatory alignment and establish a cooperation network between the biopharmaceutical experts through sharing the latest development trends and global issues in the industry.

I hope it will pave the way for achieving a "People-centered Bioeconomy and Value Creation” and penetrating the global markets. I look forward to meeting you in Seoul in September.

Minister, OH Yu-Kyoung
Organizer : Korea Biomedicine Industry Association

Korea Biomedicine Industry Association (KoBIA) is committed to organizing GBC 2021 successfully.

KoBIA brings together government, industry, university, and research related to biothechonology in Korea. Since established in 2011, KoBIA is growing fast as an association representing Korean biopharmaceutical industry. We will continue to make efforts towards providing biopharmaceutical leaders with useful networking opportunity.

Chairman, Jeong Seok Lee
Affiliation Name
GSK Jung-Sik Kim
KRPIA Eunhwa Kim
Merck Jin-Young Kim
Samsung BioLogics Ho-Yeol Yoon
Younsei Univ. Jin-Hyun Jeong
Pharmaceutical Strategy Institute Yun-Taek Jung
Clips Wan Seok Joo
KoBIA Jungtae Park
inno.N Song Geun Seog
Pfizer Eunji lim
Hugel Ik Hwan CHO
Affiliation Name
GSK So-Jeong Lee
MSD Bang, Esther
SK Bioscience Hun Kim
IVI ManKi Song
GC Greencross Seok-Hoon Ha
Boryung Biopharma Lee So-young
Sanofi Pasteur Ltd. Moo Soo Kim
Chonnam National University Joon Haeng Rhee
Korea Vaccine Sung Bae Ha
Affiliation Name
Celltrion Soo Young Lee
University of Ulsan Dae Ho Lee
Ewha Womans University Hyunbo Shim
Chung-Ang University Kisung Ko
Chungnam National University Young Shin
Pharmabsin Jin-San Yoo
Affiliation Name
GC GreencrossCell Yu-Kyeong Hwang
The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul ST. Mary’s Hospital Ji Hyeon Ju
KONKUK University Hyung Min Chung
Dongguk University Sung-Min Kim
Medipost Wonil Oh
Viromed Seung Sin Yoo
CHA university Jihwan Song
KPU Jin-Hyung Shim
Hanyang University Chae-Ok Yun
Affiliation Name
KFDC Kim BuSun
Dongguk University Seong Hoon Jeong
LG Chem HangYi Kim
Korea Vaccine Gyeong Hyun Park
Hanmi Pharma Hyun Cheol Kim
Daewoong Pharmaceutical Kim Soo Hyun
Affiliation Name
Korean Red Cross So-Yong Kwon
Younsei University Hyun Ok Kim
Korea Centers for Disease Control&Prevention Human Blood Safety Surveillance Jun Nyun Kim
Kyungpook National University Il-Hyung Park
The Korea Orthopaedic Association Yang Guk Chung
Affiliation Name
SK Bioscience Hun Kim
Celltrion Suwon Song
LG Chem JuneSik Mune
eubiologics Young-Shin Park
IlYang Pharma Park, Kyung Nam
Affiliation Name
IVI Yun Chon
Celltrion Sang-Joon Lee
Younsei University Seung-Ho Kang
Herings Byung-Ho Nam