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: GBC2019 : Mon, 10 June 2019, 5:42 PM

[News] Vaccine Forum Preview and...
Vaccine Forum and more
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[Global Bio Conference 2019] updates. 
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  1.  [GBC 2] Vaccine Forum
  2.  [GBC 6] Human Tissues Forum 포럼 
  3.  [Networking] GB-Communication

New Vaccine Development Trends and National Regulatory Authorities' Perspectives 

Vaccines are pharmaceuticals to protect human bodies from any potential infections by assisting the human immune system. Vaccines are also heroes which have innovated the healthcare trend from a treatment focus to prevention focus. The GBC 2019 will share the most up-to-date technological trends of vaccines which are the modern medical development indexes and also listen to what the regulatory authorities including WHO said. 
#1. Next generation vaccine development leveraging RNA technology 

mRNA(messenger RNA) based vaccine development is increasingly growing. mRNA is a medium for transcription of the gene in the nucleus to be translated into protein. Targeting mRNA is more effective than other drugs targeting proteins and less risky that modifying the gene in the nucleus (genome integration risk). The mRNA based treatments cover a wide span of diseases from Cancer-immunotherapies to respiratory cell virus vaccines including rabies or Ebola virus. The CureVac AG presentation by Lidia Oostvogels will offer an introduction on responsiveness profile result and LNP( lipid nanoparticle) agents!
#2.Quality assessment considerations when reviewing new vaccines for approval    

PEI(Paul-Ehrlich-Institut) is a senior federal authority in the field of pharmaceutical products providing services in public health under the German Public Health Service. It engages in biopharmaceutical products review for approval, national lot release, pharmacovigilance and runs own experimental research in the field of life science.  It is also involved in international cooperation with international organizations including WHO. 
PEI vaccine expert Dr. Ralf Wagner states that the advent of new vaccines is improving the quality assessment measures and perspectives for assessment for approval. Please come and check the most updated trend of the regulatory authority on how the meaningful potency assay for batch release correlated to the functional activation is set and what are the restriction requirements against cell substrates and more!

Global Safety Management System and Recent Regulatory Developments of Human Tissues 

We shall take a look at the ethical handling and safe management control of the human tissues which have been donated for transplant and will share the best practice regulatory trend and global issues in human tissues.
Speaker Spotlight : 
FDA updates on HCT/Ps Regulation and Guidance
Ping He, US FDA

Recent Regulations Trends on Human Tissues (Czech) and Doner Eligibility Procedures for Human Tissues
Karkoska Jan, NTIC (Czech Republic)

GB-Communication? 1:1 Meeting!

The Global Bio Conference 2019 is the largest event for domestic biopharmaceutical industry with over 3,700 biopharma leaders from all over the world (36 countries). Already, 966 global bio experts have completed their registration processes for GBC 2019. 
Don't you believe that among the attendees there will surely be someone who will answer my concerns, someone who will understand the value of my technology or even someone who could become my global partner? 
Do not miss opportunities within GBC!  

  • 일시: 2019년 6월 27일(목) - 28일(금), 양일 간 오전 10시부터 오후 5시까지
  • 장소: 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 파르나스 카네이션(5F)
  • 일부 시간 통역 지원 / 미팅을 위한 사무용품, 다과, 충전서비스 등 상시 운영!
  • Date: June 27 (Thur) ~ June 28 (Fri.) 2019, both 27th and 28th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Venue: Grand Continental Seoul Parnas Carnation (5F) 
  • Interpretation services shall be provided for some sessions 
  • Stationery, refreshments, battery charging services etc. are provided for every visitors!

Already 8% of those registered for GBC 2019 awaits a networking meeting with you, $%name%$ 
#How to Participate in GB-Communication 

Pre-registration for GBC 2019 continues until June 19 (Wed.)  
  • GBC is hosted by MFDS (Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) and is completely free of charge to everyone who participates. Furthermore, open fora provide simultaneous interpretation (Korean- English) services.  
  • A few events require an additional subscription after registration for GBC 2019 to participate! Are you interested in what the events are?
    ☞ MedDRA workshop
    ☞ GB-Communication

We will be back with a further variety of GBC forum news! 
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