• GLOBAL BIO CONFERENCE GBC 2018 삶중심, 바이오경제 People-centered Bioeconomy June 26(TUE)-29(FRI), 2018 Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Seoul, Korea 홈페이지가 곧 정식 오픈됩니다.
  • 6.26TUE(화)


    WHO-IVI Joint

  • 6.27FRI(금)


    Opening Ceremony

    [GBC 1]

    Keynote Speech &
    Plenary Session


    WHO PQ Workshop


    Cosmetics Forum


    Joint Workshop

  • 6.28THU(목)

    [GBC 2]

    Vaccine Forum

    [GBC 3]

    Recombinant Protein
    Products Forum

    [GBC 4]

    Cell & Gene Therapy
    Products Forum

    [GBC 5]

    Blood Product Forum


    WPRO-NCL Workshop

    [GBC 6]

    Human Tissues Forum

    [GBC 9]

    GMP Forum

  • 6.29FRI(금)

    [GBC 7]

    Combination Products

    [GBC 8]

    Regulatory Workshop


    Biostatistics Forum


    Mentoring, 바이오의약품,
    내일을 부탁해

June 26(TUE)-29(FRI), 2018 Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Seoul, Korea 2018년 6월 26일(화)-29(금) 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 파르나스

The Global Bio Conference (GBC) is a major annual international event held in Korea in celebration of Bio Week in June.
The conference has annually attracted more than 2,700 people including many eminent speakers and biopharmaceutical
industry leaders.

The GBC 2018 will take place at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel, Korea from June 26th to 29th, 2018.
The conference is hosted by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and organized by the Korea Biomedicine Industry Association.
The event is aimed at facilitating regulatory harmonization and establishing a close network among the experts through
sharing the latest development trends of biopharmaceuticals and relevant global issues.

Under the theme of a "People-centered Bioeconomy", the conference will cover diverse topics such as vaccines,
blood products, DNA recombinant products, cell & gene therapies, human tissues, combination products,
GMP and biostatistics. Many experts from academia, industry, and regulatory agencies will discuss the current
developments and future direction.

I call on you to render full support for the GBC 2018.

  • Ministry of Food and Drug Satety
  • KoBIA 한국바이오의약품협회